How our Solar System Formed

How our Solar System Formed

By Addison Song


The formation of the Solar System occurred in 4.5-6 billions years ago. Our Solar System was formed when a giant cloud of gas and dust collapsed under its gravity. When it collapsed, it began to spin and flattened the gas. The cloud of gas collected in the middle and grew larger and larger. This created our star, the sun. The formation of our solar system took about 250 million years-1 billion years.

As our sun was forming, smaller clumps of gas was collapsing from the sun and these became our planets,moons,comets, and asteroids. Once our sun got ignited, solar winds began to blow and pushed out the remaining gas and dust. When our sun was finally done pushing out gas and dust, the planets stopped growing.

Have you noticed that the inner planets are smaller than the outer planets? Outer planets are bigger than the inner planets because inner planets are much closer to the Sun. So, they are located where the solar winds are stronger. As a result, the dust and gas from the inner Solar System was blown away more quickly than it was from the outer Solar System. This gave the planets of the inner Solar System less time to grow. Thus, the inner planets are smaller than outer planets.

Did you notice that all the planets are all spheres? That is because of gravity. When our solar system was forming, gravity gathered clumps of gas and dust. This force of collision turned the forming planets to become hot and molten. The gravity pulled this materials inwards into sphere.

What I learned In class this week…….

I learned that atmosphere has many layers.  I will list them in order of ground to outer space. Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, and Thermosphere.  I learned that Troposphere is where we live and where weather occur. Stratospere is where ozone layer is located. Mesosphere protects us from meteorites. Finally, Thermosphere is where auroras occur. These are not all the atmosphere layers but they are the main layers.

Reflection Activity

My favortite thing in science is time paradox.

It is interesting that you will go back to time if you travel at the speed of light.

It also makes interesting that if you go back in time and you can’t kill your ancestors,  because if you kill your ancestors you won’t be able to kill your ancestors because you would have not be borned with your ancestors.

It is confusing, but it is really interesting!

★My First Semester Top 20 List★

♪My Top First Semester Top 20 List♬



  • 1. Metamorphic rocks are made with HEAT and/or pressure
  • 2. Sedimentary rocks are formed with weathering,erosion, deposition, compaction, and cementation
  • 3. Igneous rocks are formed when lava or magma cools

Paleontology/Geologic Time          

  • 4.Absolute Age is the number of years since the rock was formed
  • 5.Relative Age is the age of a rock compared to the age of other rocks.
  • 6.Law of Superposition states that the the oldest layer of rock is at the bottom.

          Energy Resources/Conservation

  • 7. Nonrenewable resources are resources that are eventually going to run out.(EX: Natural gas, coal, nuclear energy, etc)
  • 8. Renewable resources are resources that are unlikely to run out. (EX: fish, solar energy, wood, etc)
  • 9. Scientists are looking new energy sources that produce less pollution, renewable, and reliable.

          Earth’s Interior

  • 10. The order of Earth’s layers are crust, mantle, and core (outer core and inner core).
  • 11. Continental crust is thicker than oceanic crust.
  • 12. Continental crust is made of mostly basalt while oceanic is made out of granite.

          Plate Tectonics

  • 13.There are three types of boundaries (divergent, convergent, and transform boundary)
  • 14. 260 millions ago, earth’s continents moved to form one big chunk of landmass called Pangea.
  • 15. Plate tectonics is theory that pieces of Earth’s lithosphere are in constant motion.

          Weathering, Erosion, Deposition, and Soil

  • 16. Weathering is breaking down of sediment
  • 17. Erosion is carrying away of sediment
  • 18. Deposition is dropping off of sediment
  • 19. Soil is made up of air,minerals, water, and weathered bedrock.
  • 20. Soil has 5 layers, or horizons.

Blog challenge #10

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  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
  • The Inkheart Book Trailer one because it was fun to learn how to post videos on your blog.
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